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My name is Karen Stafford and I have taught in the fitness industry since May 1995 and specialised in Body Control Pilates since 2005.

The Body Control Pilates Association is well known as a world leading education provider for Pilates teaching and all its teachers continue to develop their professional knowledge and competence in Pilates.

You can find me on the Register of Exercise Professionals and as part of my professional development I regularly attend workshops and training courses in London to improve my Pilates knowledge and maintain the high quality Body Control Pilates teachers have become renowned for.

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🙏🙏🙏🙏"Containment is the first practice in any kind of pandemic. But I want to look at this pandemic, that is sweeping through the world today, from the point of view of the Shaman - from Mother Earth - and how we can be of service for the solution. From the four levels of creation, here's how to tackle this head on.

Level of Serpent - the body - take vitamin C & D daily. If you show symptoms, start taking 1 gram hourly to assist the illness to move through you faster. You will begin to eliminate it if you are taking too much. Take a good probiotic - remember to open capsules into warm water 5-10 minutes before ingesting. (This is assuming you are in good health - consult your doctor for medical issues)

Level of Jaguar - the mind & emotions - find out who you need to forgive, beginning with yourself. Take this time to say "I love you" and "Please, forgive me" to the people in your life. The less emotional baggage you carry, the better your immune system works.

Level of hummingbird - the soul - commit yourself to a sacred journey. See the shifts you can make in the world by being a source of light to yourself and to others. We recommend you talk to your probiotics and let them know you're part of the solution. Remember the mind of Gaia is bacterial, speaking to your probiotics will assist them on working on your behalf. Recommit yourself as an Earthkeeper; become part of the solution.

Level of eagle - Spirit - upgrade the quality of your luminous energy field through releasing the toxins. The anger, the judgments, the envy, the greed. Take some time and open up to nature. Sit outside and listen. Journal to identify the toxicity in your life and do a little ceremony to release it. Have a little fire ceremony and blow your emotions into a stick and burn the stick. Or blow the emotion into a stone and give it back to Mother Earth to transmute.

We wish you an inspired and healthy time ahead. Take care of yourself and your loved ones." - Alberto Villoldo, PhD.

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